Our People

Miltiades Caldis

Founder/ Managing Partner / CEO

Mr. Miltiades Caldis founded Seneca House Fund Management in 2017 and serves as Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer. Since its inception, he has helped steward the firm’s growth by building strong infrastructure and relational capital for SHFM.

Miltiades acts on the board of the investment committee of SHFM having previously advised a venture capital fund on early stage VC investment opportunities.

Miltiades spent time on the buy side at brokerages such as FXCM and Invast Financial Services managing client portfolios from 2012 to 2014. Miltiades realized the scale of challenges faced in successful trading while trading for private clients which led him to start SHFM.

Mr. Caldis is a graduate of the University of Cape Town obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Property Investment and Finance.

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Chief Investment Officer

New Team Members to be announced in coming days.

Ed Cavanaugh

Chief Technology Officer

In 2020, Mr. Cavanaugh joined SHFM as Chief Technology Officer bringing his knowledge and experience in algorithmic trading. 

In 2001 Mr. Cavanaugh learned computer programming and helped create an automation platform for the US Air Force which saved them millions of dollars. In 2005 Mr Cavanaugh retired from active flying status to focus on technology and business automation opportunities. 

Mr. Cavanaugh received a BSc in Economics from the US Air Force Academy in 1992 and entered flight school shortly thereafter. He earned his flying status in 1994 and flew heavy aircraft for several years before becoming an instructor pilot. During this time, he received his financial advisor license and spent much of his free time educating others and creating new hybrid financial products and services. 

He retired from the Air Force in 2012 and entered the consulting world for several years before returning to trading in 2017.

Kimon Caldis

Chief of Operations

Mr. Kimon Caldis joined the Seneca House Fund Management team in late 2017. 

He started on the trading desk as a junior analyst focusing on the global macro-outlook. He then transitioned into trading financial securities before working his way up to the position of Sector Head in 2020. His role was to assist both the CEO and CIO in day-to-day operations as well as head up various projects.

In late 2021 Kimon progressed to the position of Chief of Operations taking on more responsibility. His role is to manage fund operations.

Kimon obtained a Business Science in Finance Honors Degree from the University of Cape Town.

The Trading Team

Seneca House Fund Management Trading Team is a diverse group of individuals, personally picked from around the world with a broad range of financial backgrounds. This results in the best scope of international knowledge required to make intelligent trades on global market movements across different time zones.

The team has various educational and corporate backgrounds with a formulaic mix of mathematics, statistics, trading, finance and investment banking. Some of the team’s experience comes from working with large institutions such as major investment banks and proprietary trading companies. This strong background allows our trading team to make trades based on fundamental and statistical analysis aligned with our company’s stoic philosophy.

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